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Summer is here. It's hot and very humid, and today is the annual Montpelier festival and tea. I got out there at 10 and stayed until 2 working on the cart and bull drawing. Lots of folks came through the library gallery. Many kids, including one 7 year old who spent a very long time studying the drawings. His mom says he loves drawing and I think he as working out how I did things. From 1 to 2 there was a piano concert in the main gallery. Quite nice. I still have at least another day on this drawing. Maybe two. 


And I confirmed today that my knees hurt from sitting in a chair for long hours without getting up and moving around. I'm going to take my stool out with me on Monday!


Glad to be home for a while now, and then off to Artomatic's meet the artist night in a bit.


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