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February 6, 2022


In November of last year I started talking with my friend, Harry about modeling for a series of drawings based on This Is the House That Jack Built. We planned to meet in January to take photos of him as all the human characters. At the beginning of 2022, though, we agreed that omicron made that too scary, and we decided to try a virtual collaboration.


Thus far it has been a raving success. Harry has a wonderfully wicked and transgressive sense of humor as well as a very mobile face and expressive body. I have laughed out loud at some of the photos he's sent me. And we have agreed that the delays and working online, have maybe made us both think things through more carefully, and made for a stronger collaborative effort. It has been a joy working with Harry.


I am going to execute a dozen drawings in story order, and this is the beginning of the first verse which is simply:


This Is the House That Jack Built.


It has taken a very long time (I am not a patient person) to get to having something to actually draw, but now that I've started, I am feeling the joy and excitement of a new project. And already I see that the mouse is going to have to move to the left.


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