Ellen Cornett

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After sitting with it for a few days, I decidedI didn't like my first drawing. the layout was too empty.


I decided to work larger to have room to explore the details in Harry's expressions and costumes, as well as all the characteristics of the animals and props. And I want these drawings to feel vertically cramped. That, I can't explain, but it's definitely part of the vision I have for the series.


I laid out the first couple drawings again, and then laid out the 11th, which is I think going to be the most antic of them all. Sketched those, and thought about them. With a few tweaks, I think I've solved the problem, and started the first drawing afresh. 


After two long days in the studio, we have the provisionally finished first drawing entitled, This Is the House That Jack Built. Executed in carbon pencil, the finished drawing is 16x20 on an 18x24 sheet of Strathmore heavy-weight drawing paper.



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