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East City Art Highlights from Artomatic 2015


Here are ten of our top picks this year:


Maryland-based Ellen Cornett is well known for her pastel works that riff off childrens’ fairy tales.  She is back at Artomatic with a selection of intriguing new works using charcoal.  While the themes shown are similar to past work, stripping color from the images highlights her mastery in executing works of graphite and charcoal on paper. Blackbird in particular shows off those considerable skills.


Eric Hope

East City Art

November 16, 2015


AOM: The Review! (Updated)


Best Pastels -  Ellen Cornett takes on this most difficult of genres with pastels that are vibrant and colorful - she really muscles a lot of power out of her various subjects. Yet another PG artist for the county collection.


PG County announced their intention to make significant purchases of artwork by Prince George's County artists at this year's Artomatic. These are my recommendations for them to acquire:
Matt MacIntire
Nancy Donnelly
Ric Garcia
Robert Kincheloe
Ellen Cornett
Michael Janis
Jessica Murray

And after much haggling with myself, here are my recommendation as the Top 10 Artists of this year's AOM. This year I decided to focus the top ten on artists whom are either new to me or who have never been on my previous AOM Top 10 List.  As I've noted earlier, I also noticed that there are a lot of well-known and very talented DMV area "gallery artists" in this year's AOM. In the past, I know for a fact that gallerists discouraged and even prohibited their represented artists from participating in AOM. It is a significant chunk of evidence to where AOM has come to in 2012 to see some of those well-known names show up in the world's largest free-for-all art group show.

Here are my Top 10 new finds in this year's AOM in alphabetical order:
Sue Ahn 
Melissa Badenhop 
Elizabeth Brown
Shanti Chandrasekar
Joseph Corcoran
Ellen Cornett
Bert Pasquale 
Kathryn Trillas
Jeff Wilson
Nicolas Zimbro


F. Lennox Campello

DC Art News

June 4, 2012



Review of Juxtapositions by Wade Carey. May 28, 2010




Artist Profile Ellen Cornett


But it is the strength of the drawing that makes each of her works successful.… In "Re-Imagined Tales," literature and art meet in the field of dreams where words, color and Ellen Cornett come to play. 


Jim Magner

The Hill Rag

October 2008


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